Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

To provide a better understanding of the very important role methadone plays in the treatment of addiction.
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 Hello From Belgrade, Serbia

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Location : Belgrade, Serbia
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PostSubject: Hello From Belgrade, Serbia   Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:29 am

Hi my dear people on Methadone Treatments all over the world.
I am heroin addict from Belgrade Serbia(1979)country with human rights on very low level.
First of all excuse me if my english is not so good, I will give my best.
I'm addict about 17-18 years.
First 12 years I was on heroin with many unsuccessful attempts to leave heroin. I try everything but nothing help me.
Love for heroin is to big to keep me straight. Than in June 2006 I start with Methadone Therapy. I was close to grave and my conditions was very bad.
Methadone save my life literally. Cover was very fast, amazing... After many years I can't say nothing bad about Methadone. I mean NOTHING.
I live more than 5 years completely normal life, I mean thoughts about heroin disappear after about 3 months of Methadone Therapy. Not immediately, brain need to understand -you no need heroin any more-
I was on 50mg 5.5 years without problems. Than problems start in 2011 when Serbia change Methadone composition in our Serbian Methadone for prescription and change Methadone manufacturer in Methadone clinics. That is not tolerance, that start one day with new series of medication. From that day I feal very bad with many drug taking and every few mounths I change clinics and in every clinics medication is differente but manufacturer is same. Off course Serbia. Goodness and humanity of Serbian nation in real light. We are something between Russia but because Serbia live on Europe Social help than government need to pretend and cheat and in that conditions born things like this.
No I look options how to live normal life again and feel like before on Methadone. That is my only chance for life without illigal opiates.
I start procedure for Croatian citizenship but it's little hard. I feal absolutely fantastic and normaly on their Methadone/HEPTANON.

Inferior Methadone show from time to time ...that is normal thing I hear and some people on west expirienced something similar but they have options and other suppliers and many manufacturer and people can pay and it's much easier than in Serbia. In Serbia is free or nothing. In our country many young people die because our country, our doctors and our Ministry of Health. EU say we are worse Health System in Europe and I agree. I want to support all people on west who want to start Methadone Treatment because I know many people and they talk against Methadone but never stop to use heroin and that is only excuse...
Some people don't want to understand. Methadone is not toxic medication, minus is very big dependence but everything else is big plus. I will never feel such hostility against heroin on some other treatment. Literally on Methadone for me heroin is not heroin, that is something uninteresting.
That is for beginning, I will read forum to see your problems, your options for therapy.
Thanks for listen.
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Hello From Belgrade, Serbia
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