Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

To provide a better understanding of the very important role methadone plays in the treatment of addiction.
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 GPA, Inc. Doraville, Georgia

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PostSubject: GPA, Inc. Doraville, Georgia   Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:06 am

Hello, Friends:
I want to take the time to "Rate The Program" I am attending. Most of you know I went through some really traumatic experiences at the last three Opiate Treatment Programs I attended in Georgia. scratch I am not going to name the ones I attended which treated me so badly and I didn't believe I was going to be able to locate one which would even admit me on the dose I was on. I have been on methadone for sixteen years and was on 280mg. I had been on 280mg for six years and I kept trying to locate one who would increase my dose because it wasn't working for me. It is how I ended up at the one I had such a traumatic experience at.
Georgia has forty-two Opiate Treatment Programs but since there has been so many deaths that have occurred from methadone, many of them have started cap-dosing. They are actually breaking the law because they should accept you if you transfer on the dose you are currently on and the same phase. Many I called just simply refused to accept me on the dose I was on and there was no way I could lower my dose because the 280mg wasn't holding me. I had been on it for six years and therefore when problems began where I was attending I could not find one who would accept me.
I just tried to grin and bear it where I was attending. It just wasn't easy because I never knew what to expect when I drove up in the morning. I had to stop my Xanax 0.5mg I took at bedtime when I started but then I had been tapering down because I knew this might happen and they told me I had a better chance of receiving an increase if I wasn't taking the Xanax 0.5mg at bedtime for sleep. It was not easy for me to grin and bear it without the Xanax 0.5mg but I did and I suffered tremendously. I pacified myself when I started having withdrawal symptoms by telling myself it would be worth it in the end when I received my increase. I believed I would because they had patients on 400mg and 800mg and I had actually been on it longer than either of them. It didn't happen as I thought it would and of course there were many other personal factors involved.
I was phased down from monthly to coming every day and I couldn't honestly tell you why...I just know the person who was advising me told me not to lose my temper and just document and it is what I did even though I was highly discriminated against there. I didn't like coming every day and I had pain issues and it made it much more difficult but my partner drove me every day and I went in and dosed and gave the urines they asked for. I really didn't want to involve my connection at SAMHSA/CSAT unless there was no other way but it was fast turning into no other way.
I reached the point the morning I came in and He called me into the office and told me I had twenty-four hours to locate another Opiate Treatment Program (and He knew I couldn't find one therefore He knew He had me and I would have to do as He asked of me) and He was right I did. He had read comments on the Medical Assisted Treatment of America ( ) under "Rate Your Program" written by former patients about Him and the Opiate Treatment Program I was attending. He wanted them all removed along with "Rate Your Program" with a public apology made to Him. I did this under duress because I needed my medication but I was really upset at Him and myself because I felt I had let myself down and all the patients I had complained at to please tell us the truth about your Opiate Treatment Program. He complained He was losing business because of all the remarks and He was going to sue me over the slander and loss of business. He did have me scared and I did buckle under the fear because I am only human, too. I am not perfect!
Each day I hated myself more and more after I did as He asked. He knew He had me in his back pocket then and I could not stand it. I fianlly did call one of my old counselors just to talk to about the situation and He became so enraged when He heard about it that He just wanted to get me out of there. He spoke to his Program Director about what was happening and they agreed it was not right and told me not to mention I was transferrng but to just show up on Friday. I was scared and was afraid when they received the bad write up on me they wouldn't accept me.My counselor kept assuring me that it would all work out. It did and I made the transfer and had even dosed before He found out I was gone.
He called and I was in the Conference Room watching a video on HIV. The program Director came in and wanted to know if I had a case pending with the State? I said,"No, of course not." She then went on to tell me all that was said but then she couldn't understand why they waited to tell her all of this after the transfer had gone through and nothing was said on it about a case pending or any of the other information He was claiming to be true. I told her because the counselor who did the transfer knew what He was doing to me and she sent you the truth but when He came in after lunch and found out what had happened -then He got on the phone and called you with all the lies. He went on to send a Discharge after one had already been sent saying the first one had not been correct but she spoke to me and I leveled with her about what had been happening. She told me to go on and she would deal with it. I was very much worried and did not rest at all on the week-end.
I came in Monday and she called me in her office and told me I would have to find another Opiate Treatment Program. I started to cry and told her I had already called all of them in Georgia and there was none and we told you all of this before I transferred here. She went on to say, "I'm sorry but your counselor and I both tried to convince the Medical Director and He thinks you lied to Him and He is afraid to take you on with what the Owner of your previous Opiate Treatment Program is saying about you." She did believe me but as she said, I had no idea He would cause so much trouble over your transferring. I checked and you had no case pending with the Methadone State Authority and I shared my findings with the Medical Director...but she said,"We are going to continue to dose you and we will help you locate somewhere to go. We aren't going to just throw you out."
They did try but we couldn't find one and while we kept looking the owner of the previous Opiate Treatment Program I had attended actually hung his ownself. He continued to call her every day and ask about me and wanted to know if I receiving any take-homes? She would tell Him it was none of his business because I was no longer his patient. He would get angry and continue to call and it didn't take long at all for them to see He was the culprit and liar -not me. Finally, my Counselor called GPA and the Program Director told Him to have me call. I did call as soon as He told me and I told Him what dose I was on and He told me to come on in tomorrow and see the Medical Director-Dr. Tacoronti. I was ecstatic but then I was afraid if the Owner found out where I transferred to He would start calling there. It would all start over again. I did put a call into my Contact at SAMHSA and thank God the Program Director at the one I was leaving had called Him too to complain about his calling 2-3 times a day, asking about me. He told me not to worry He would take care of it. He would put a stop to it and was glad I was going to let Him intervene.
They took me the next day with no problems but of course, I told them the truth about everything that had happened because I didn't want them to find it out later and change their mind but I can tell you they were very understanding and I couldn't have asked for any better people at all to have dealt with. I was there by 6:00 AM and dosed and out by 9:00 AM. Everyone was special and Dr. Tacoronti has become my Primary Physician as well as the Medical Director there and He has increased my dose to 300mg and we are still going up. He has wrote me a prescription for my Xanax 0.5mg at bedtime and He is the very best and My counselor has worked with me as all the others to try and overcome the traumatic experiences I had and relieve the anxiety. The Program Director is Nat and is the very best. He changed me from coming every day after I had been there for two months to weekly and I truly appreciated it.
It all worked out for the best in the end but I believe all my praying had something to do with it but they do treat people there with understanding and compassion and as I told them when I first started if they would just take me, I would come every day even though I didn't feel like I deserved it after sixteen years and they could observe all my urines -just please don't send me back to where I was. It is a place I enjoy coming to and they allow us to talk to one another and if you live near Atlanta, it is one of the very best! Try will not regret it.
How about the remainder of you telling us about yours? Do you like it and if not what it is you don't like? Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: GPA, Inc. Doraville, Georgia   Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:48 am

hey Deborah!
you are absolutely correct about GPA. they are the best clinic! all the staff are so sweet & friendly & treat us like people - not "druggies". Dr. Tacoronti or Dr.T as we call him is the most amazing doctor. he actually wants to see all of us patients succeed, as does the rest of the staff! i & many others were abused at the clinic i was at before (i've only been to 2 clinics but i've only been in treatment 2years & 3months). i feel so supported at GPA. they are professionsl, caring, & don't play "favorites". they are truely the whole package!
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PostSubject: Re: GPA, Inc. Doraville, Georgia   Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:55 am

I liked gpa also, they were good to me there Smile
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PostSubject: Re: GPA, Inc. Doraville, Georgia   

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GPA, Inc. Doraville, Georgia
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