Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

To provide a better understanding of the very important role methadone plays in the treatment of addiction.
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 Questions To Ask Your Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program

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PostSubject: Questions To Ask Your Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program   Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:04 pm

If you are looking for a Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program, here are a list of questions you should ask before Admittance:

1. What is the cost of treatment (both Intake and weekly fees)? Is there a sliding fee scale? What forms of payment do you accept? - - - - What would happen if I couldn’t make a payment at some point during treatment?

2. What are the dosing hours?

3. What are the intake requirements ($, identification, lockbox, etc) ? - - - - I’m transferring from a clinic in Illinois; will transfer records excuse me from any of these requirements (ie: physical, labwork, tb test, etc.)? If so, how would you like the transfer records (ie: fax, mail, hand-carry) ? - - - - May I schedule an intake appointment ahead of time or do I have to guest dose first or come in - person to schedule?

4. Are there any dose restrictions? My dose is 136mg, will I be maintained on this dose? If I choose to increase or decrease my dose, how does that work (ie: am I required to see a physician or may I request increases /decreases from the nurse)? If I change my dose, will this affect my take-home status?

5. What form(s) of methadone do you offer? I’m on liquid methadone; is that available? Am I able to watch the nurse prepare my doses (or do you blind dose)? If lockboxes are required, do I need to bring it for each clinic visit or just show that I have one at Intake?

6. Are there any state restrictions/limitations on take home status? - I currently attend my clinic every other week; - - will I be able to maintain that status when I transfer? What documentation would I need to provide to maintain this take-home status?
7. Does my dose level influence my take homes at all? Do you have a call-back policy? If so, how does it work? - - - If I go on an extended vacation, can I request extra carry doses?

8. What are the treatment requirements, such as urine specimens (what drugs are tested for and how often are specimens collected), counselor contact (credentials of counselors, how often is it required and for how long), groups (are they offered, are they required)?

8. I have chronic pain and sometimes receive prescriptions for short-acting opiates for pain relief. Will this cause any problems with my treatment/ take-home status? What would I have to do to document this (ie: would a prescription suffice or would I have to sign a release of information for the doctor)?

9. Do you have a psychiatrist on staff to treat co-occurring conditions? If not, do you refer to any local psychiatrists or mental health centers? - - - - - Are there psychotropic drugs that may be prescribed that would interfere with my treatment/ take-home status (ie: I’m prescribed benzodiazepines for anxiety; would this be a problem)?

Reference: Peter Monichen @Cap Quality Care

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Questions To Ask Your Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program
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