Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

To provide a better understanding of the very important role methadone plays in the treatment of addiction.
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 Welcome lisa anne from Wisconsin!

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Number of posts : 863
Age : 46
Location : live in Louisiana but attend MMT clinic in Tx
Job/hobbies : COUPONING & GEOCACHING are my favorite past times but I also love reading and spending time with my husband and kids
Humor : I don't have a sense of humor.............
Registration date : 2009-05-25

PostSubject: Welcome lisa anne from Wisconsin!   Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:41 pm

Hello everyone! We have another new member I wanted to introduce you all to. She goes by the user name Lisa Anne and is from Wisconsin. Please take a moment to say hello to her and make her feel welcome!

Lisa Anne, my name is RuthAnn (username lilgirllost) I moderate for the group so if I can help you out in any way, please don't hesitate to let me know. This is a great group of people here and I know you will feel welcome here. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. If you prefer to speak to someone privately, you can use the private message feature in the forum and contact either myself or the Vice President of Medical Assisted Treatment of America Inc and Director of the Forum Dee Black (her username is Dee) and either of us would be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

Feel free to check out the articles and postings on the forum and see what others have had to say or add some of your own! If you feel comfortable sharing something of yourself or your story with us, please do so under this section, the INTRODUCE YOURSELF section.

Until then, make yourself at home and I do hope to see you around!

aka lilgirllost

We are not bad people trying to become good, we are sick people trying to become well.

Methadone; A Flicker Of Light In The Dark
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If you cannot afford to call us, send us an email and
we will call you at our expense.
Office: 1-770-334-3655~ Cell: 1-770-527-9119
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Lisa Anne

Number of posts : 3
Location : SE Wisconsin
Job/hobbies : Registered Nurse
Registration date : 2011-03-11

PostSubject: Re: Welcome lisa anne from Wisconsin!   Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:17 am

Sorry its taken so long to reply to bad! Thanks very much for the greeting, looking forward to some good discussions. I am a second time around MMT-er, first of which was from 2004-2006. I considered MMT to be quite successful for me, had a slow, comfortable detox over a period of about one year. Unfortunately, my world fell apart in ways which remain hard to believe, and in late 2007-early 2008 I relapsed in a BUG, BIG WAY. My use was like never before and stayed that way until i couldn't stand it anymore and returned to our nearby Methadone clinic in Sept. 2009. I have nearly 2 years clean and sober on a stable dose of 130mg Methadone a day, clean UA's for quite some time, making progress in my life, etc and trying to deal with my demons, fears, and profound sadness which led me to this place.....

Anyways, enough about me....Thanks again for the welcome!

David's Mama

Remembering David......Don't drink and drive!

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Welcome lisa anne from Wisconsin!
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