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Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

To provide a better understanding of the very important role methadone plays in the treatment of addiction.
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 post from virginia patient wanting info/help from other patients in that area

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PostSubject: post from virginia patient wanting info/help from other patients in that area   Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:29 am

I received a private message from another member with an issue and asked me if I would share with everyone her emails to me. This way if there is anyone out there who lives in the same area as she does and/or may have info that will help her, you can share it with her.

Here are the copies of the emails:
i have been on methadone and will have 3 yrs clean nov 20th. i have been on mthadone and zanax the entire time without issue. i am a patient at the military clinic and my old primary care manager filled out the paperwork for my prescriptions. the miltary changed my primary care manager because my old one left. the new one doesnt agree withh methadone much less using both medications. she refuses to fill out the paperwork i need to take zanax and keeps trying to push me into detoxing off zanax. i would like to find a doctor in the virginia beach va, norlfolk va or hampton roads area. even willing to drive to north carolina as long as i can find a doctor in the area who is used to patients being on methadone and is willing to work with a patient with metthadone and zanax. i amk terrified that if i try to find a doctor that they will think that i am "doctor shopping"
Do you know of a doctor in the Virginia or north carolina are who will take a patient who is on methadone and still prescribe my zanax, celexa , etc. The director has given me 30 days to get the paperwork done or i will be put on a 30 day detox. i have never dad a dirty urine or made a late payment or anything bad and am on 30 days of take homes. i would hate to lose my 30 takes homes over one paper. please, please help me. if you have to. you may pubkicly post this if you think that this will help. thank you for your time.

My response to her:

Hello. I am sorry to hear about what is going on with you and that you are having such a difficult time. It is so frustrating and you start to feel like that is no one out there that can or will understand and/or doesn't want to listen to you and help you.

I will do what I can and be here for you, but I am afraid I can't tell you what clinic will or won't allow you to be on benzo's while you are on methadone.

Most methadone clinics will not allow you to be on benzos while on methadone because of the possibility of overdose, overmedication and even death when you mix the two. There are some that will refuse you as a patients until you are clean of benzos.

Are you taking methadone for addiction or pain mgt, or both? I can give you the info to methadone clinics in your area and you can speak with them about you situation and see what their policy is in regards to benzos. If you find a clinic to get your methadone at, will this new primary care doc give you the benzos? If you go to a methadone clinic for the methadone, the doc there is only allowed to prescribe the methadone and they can't prescribe you anything else. So if you could find a methadone clinic that will allow you to be on benzos, you still have to find a doc to prescribe them to you. The only way the methadone doctor could prescribe you anything else is if they are also a private practive doc and you are seeing them in their private practice as well.

I know this sounds scary, but have you thought about considering detoxing off the benzos? If you did, would this doc help you detox or are they just going to throw you out there on your own and you have to do it cold turkey? It would be so much easier in the long run to find a methadone clinic where you can get your methadone if you aren't on the benzos.

You also spoke of this being a "military clinic", are they the ones that give you the methadone or do you go to a methadone clinic for that? Something else to think about, I assume since this is a military clinic that your cost is covered? If you go to a methadone clinic, most clinics are private pay and do not accept insurance of any kind. There are some that will take medicaid and some that work on sliding scales and such but again, it will depend on the clinic and not all of them do things the same way.

I am going to do some research and come up with the names of the clinics in your area. YOu said virginia beach va, norlfolk va or hampton roads area..........or even some in NC. I will do some searching and send the info to you. I will send it in a seperate email because I wanted to go ahead and send this one to let you know that we are here for you and that I on it right now. What you will have to do then is call around and ask them what their policy is on benzos while on methadone and try to go from there.

I will be here for you and will try to help in any way I can.

my clinic allows benzos. Iam at a methadone clinic and have been for 3 years. before that i was in pain mgmnt. i am on benzos for anxiety and i also have chronic pain disorder. the funny thing is that b4 i was at the methadone clinic, the military clinic( a place where military dependents recieve free medical care, although they change ur primary care manage (your reg doc) alot) the military doctors had me on large amounts of opiates (vicoden, oxycontin, percacets, etc.) what freaked me out is that they still had me on meds when i was pregnant and said it was neccessary and the amounts i was on would no9t affect the baby my son was born with opiates in his system and although with breasfeeding for a week made it go away it freaked me out. i decided enough of the opiates. i still needed something for pain and all docs wanted to give me opiates. so i found the methadone clinc. ive stayed off opiates and have been completly drug free for 3 yrs nov 20th. i have been on benzos and methadone both. my clinic allows it and so did my doctor. the military changed my primary care manager and the new doctor i have doesnt agree with methadone at all. she will not prescribe benzodiazapam to me at all and keeps trying to push me to get off methadone. she will not fill out any of the paperwork that i need for coordination of care. so the main problem is i need to find a doctor in the norfolk, virginia beach area who is accustomed to dealing with methadone patients. the clinic isnt the problem. my primary doctor is. i am terrified to detox off zanax. i have very few friends here (the other military wives dont know im on methadone) and absolutely no family. my husband is depoloyed to kuwait for the next 7 months. while he is gone i am a single mother of 2 children, one wit aspergers(my kids are 11 and 2) and i am area manager of 3 salons. we r also trying to open 2 more salons in the area. anyways, how i amsupposed to detox off zanaz with 2 kids and a demanding job with few friends or family. the clinic and the doc say its my job to detox myself not theirs. so anyways, any suggestions on finding a doctor in the area that is familiar with methadone patients.?

My response to her:

ok. I understand your situation better now. I was confused about if you were going to a methadone clinic and all that, so thanks for taking the time to explain it to me better.

Having said that, I'm afraid I won't be much help for you in that area. I can get you methadone CLINIC info and stuff from the CLINIC side of things, but I don't have any info as to which primary care docs are ok w/methadone and/or benzos or not.

I am sure you have already thought the very same thing but I can't believe that the new doc is being this way about the methadone/benzo treatment when your old doctor has been fine with it. They should look back on your medical record from before and go from there. I know this seems kind of far fetched but have you thought about filing a complaint? It may be a bunch of hassle but if it gets things straightened out eventually, it might be the best course of action to take.

We can also post your posting to the forum and see if there are any other members in your specific area that may have some info. So if you want to try that, let me know3 if you want me to just let me know if you want me to copy and paste the private msg you sent me or if you want to post something new that has all the pertinent info in one message.


could u please post a message or post the pertinent info from mine to see if anyone in the area could help me.? i would really appreciate that. the new doctor is very young and fresh outta med school. i have tried changing primary care physicians at the same clinic but have been told that there is no one else available with patient openings but they will notify my if anything opens up. im very upset. 3 years with them and no issues. now she comes around and tells me that methadone is to be used as a temporary solution, i need to detox, she doesnt mind the benzos so if i get off methadone she has no problem prescribing them but I really need to get off the methadone first. she was completely insemsitive. i told her ive been doing better than i ever have. i have an awesome job, im a good mom, i havent been hospitalized fror panic attacks in years now, etc etc. thank you very much for your time. youve been a great help. please send out a post ASAP to see if anyone may know of a doc in my area familiar and ok with a methadone patient, and a methadone patient okay with being on benzos too. this website was a lifesaver. i was going completely crazy till now. i worry about it night and day as i am taking a new position at work as of 10 days and im not sure that i can handle it while detoxing.

someone told me that sometimes the doctor who prescribes methadone sometimes works in an outside practice and u would be able to b a patient of his for primary care also. i am going to look into this option as this would make my life extremely easier if he were to coordinate everything. i doubt its possible but im going to look into it. im also going to call my counselor and see where we r . i havr a doc apt with my primary care doc on the 25th to try again. do you think that is a good idea or should i just b looking for a new doc comfortable with methadone. i dont see myself getting anywhere with her. what is your opinion. thank u for your time

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post from virginia patient wanting info/help from other patients in that area
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