Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

To provide a better understanding of the very important role methadone plays in the treatment of addiction.
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 One of The Myths of Methadone

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PostSubject: One of The Myths of Methadone   Fri Mar 27, 2009 3:50 pm

While looking around and researching facts about Methadone I came across a site that said Methadone was named After Adolf Hitler. That is indeed a Myth. Below is some of what I read. Feel free to follow the links provided to read about the topic yourself.

Dolophine is the name under which Eli Lilly Company markets methadone. When methadone was first used for maintenance treatment of heroin addiction, Dolophine was the common brand name of methadone. It was dispensed as a wafer. Certain problems became apparent in the use of wafers. It is quite difficult to dispense small increases or decreases in milligrams of methadone.

For this and other reasons, when methadone became available in a stable liquid suspension (Methadose), most clinics dropped Dolophine and went to it. Dolophine is practically history now. Some younger methadone patients and staff may have never heard of it, much less the myth about its having been named for Adolph Hitler. The connection, by the way, is that the "Dolph" of Dolophine is supposed to be the "dolf" of Adolf.

A minor myth about methadone is that Methadose is not real methadone. All methadone is the same chemical. Methadose is just a brand name. The Germans invested in methadone during the second world war when their supplies of opium were cut off. During the war the Germans needed more painkillers than usual, so they got to work synthesizing opioids. Meperidine, its brand time is Demerol®️, was another analgesic they invented, along with several hundred others that didn't become famous.

You will notice that there are no myths about Demerol®️ having been named for Nazis.The reason methadone "unlucked-out" has to do with the fact that methadone did emerge as a maintenance treatment for heroin addicts.

In short, the myth is that since Adolp was a bad person who wanted to control to people and was against freedom of choice, "They " gave his name to a bad drug used to control people.

The myth is colorful and just happens to tie in the prejudice against methadone, but what is the truth about Dolophine? In Latin, dolor means pain, suffering. In English (look it up in an unabridged dictionary) the dol means "a unit in pain measurement" and there are such words as dolorimetry. The dol in Dolophine was from dol, dolor (Goldstein, 1992).

The Germans also invented heroin, which English word came from the German trademark, Heroisch, from their word meaning heroic. The German pharmaceutical company that manufactured heroin was named " Bayer" of aspirin fame.


Another Statement and its source;
MYTH: Methadone was named after Adolf Hitler.

The liquid suspension that is presently dispensed by nearly all clinics is called methadone (the generic name) or methadose (brand name). Although it was indeed invented in Germany, the methadone wafer that synthesized for use in the United States went by the brand name Dolophine named after Vincent Dole (one of the New York physicians who marketed the drug.) The "-phine" comes from the term morphine, named after Morpheus the Greek god of dreams. It is mistakenly assumed that the "dolph" found in the word Dolophine actually comes from the "dolf" in Adolf Hitler.


Posted by: Dee Black

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PostSubject: Random Input on Myths of Methadone   Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:02 pm

Odd how some people perceive things they've read or heard
about are true. Assumption.

Smart is what one hears and knows is true; smarter is knowing
which half of what one has heard is true.

** Methadone was originally designed by German scientists
during WW II due to a shortage of morphine. Methadone
was just as effective for physical pain as morphine.

Now.... long round the 1960's, the American medical community
discovered that methadone was also a dynamic useful
medication for long-term therapy to get off IV use of herion
or oral opiates .

Many patients on MMT exclaimed that it was the first time
in thier lives that they felt "normal."
(One cannot get "high" on methadone unless it is abused
by the user or patient).

Perhaps the "Hitler/Methadone myth was somehow
disentangled from historical fact that the "Fuerher"
was himself plagued by drug addiction.
Hitler's private physician would daily inject him with
Like a Star @ heaven Aside from the above information; this snippet is what
I personally recall from the History International channel
on cable TV featuring a biography on him.

Quite revealing. Small wonder Hitler was outta control, eh?
(amongst other things, certainly).

I, personally, had relatives that were victims of the
Holocaust during WW II. This is said to impact the thought
how devestating addiction(s) can affect others around
them as well.

Thanks for "listening".... be free, be strong, and be aware
of myths. They surround us conitually for a litany of reasons.
One is life's lessons; learning by thinking less than one

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One of The Myths of Methadone
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