Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

Methadone: A Flicker Of Light In The Dark

To provide a better understanding of the very important role methadone plays in the treatment of addiction.
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 Need some advice quickly please Problems with the director.

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PostSubject: Need some advice quickly please Problems with the director.   Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:11 am

I will checkk back tonight when I get off work but my husband is having trouble. First he put in a request to change counselors like 2-3 months ago still he has heard nothing. He has real problems with his counselor and he feels like his rights have been violated for many reasons. Today he was on hold to see the director of the clinic bc he owed $27 he was going to pay $10 and then I work a double today so we were going to pay it all off tomorrow which is normal at my clinic he patiently waited outside her office for 30 min while she ran in and out doing various things then she came out and said she had to do payroll he had to wait about 2 hours well I had to get ready for work and we just couldn't wait so he left without dosing and is going to go back when he takes me to work luckily he has the day off otherwise he wouldnt have the option of going back. But how can she put him on hold and then say well I can't see you for 2 hours we have lives we have to work to pay for this stuff no one has 2 hours to wait for her to be free. This has happened to him several times that someone put him on hold be it for a drug test or missed apt or whatever and then is not available to see him, I understand needing a few minutes even 30 as I said but to not be available for 2 hours and not let him be able to dose isn't that almost like withholding treatment. Anyways does anyone have any ideas about how to handle this or how do you file a grievance if the problem is with the clinic director? He has been a patient for 15 months or so and we just had a problem paying the ;ast couple weeks I got suspended for 2 weeks and I had talked to her about it personally for me and him a week ago I am back at work now and trying as hard as I can to get caught back up with everything but sometimes life happens and we can't afford to miss our jobs because she needs 2 hours before she can get to us. Please help !!!
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Need some advice quickly please Problems with the director.
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